Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mystery CAL Update

Almost done with Clue # 4.  I'm still behind since tomorrow Clue # 6 will posted, but I think that considering that I spend about four days last week without picking up a hook, I'm doing fairly well.

I have pictures of my unblocked squares, but unfortunately they're still in the camera.  I have to find the time to upload them and then I'll share them with the world!!!

How's your Mystery Afghan doing?


Think you can write an entire novel in 30 days?

Well that's the challenge on National Novel Writing Month that will start on November 1st.

I honestly thought that I wasn't going to be able to participate since it is a "National" event.  But to my surprise it is actually open to anyone who wants to give it a try.  It doesn't matter where you live or what's your age you can try.  It doesn't even matter what language you speak or rather write since it's open worldwide.

The best part is that it's free so you don't have to pay an entry fee and there are also going to be some winners who will have their novels printed out by the sponsors.

Go to NaNoWriMo for more details and have fun writing.

Now off to think of a theme....

Monday, October 25, 2010

Lo que pasó ayer

Hoy les queria compartir algo que me pasó ayer en la iglesia.  Supongo que es algo que pudo haber pasado en cualquier otra parte, pero a mi me paso en la iglesia y no es algo que pueda mantener callado.  Es mas, no he parado de contarlo a todo aquel que me pone aunque sea un poquito de atención.

Debo aclarar que en realiddad todo esto empezó hace meses.  Desde antes que se anunciara el Congreso Mundial Tiempos de Avivamiento, Reforma y Transformación que se estará llevando a cabo a partir del 28 de octubre en la Iglesia el Shaddai en la cual nos congregamos.

Yo habia estado de bajón (como ya expliqué anteriormente en otro post), pero me sentia mal porque no habia podido comprar mi entrada cuando estaba a mitad de precio y ahora en octubre ya esta a Q400.00 (como USD50.00) lo que obviamente no puedo pagar.

Resulta que ayer, como cosa sumamente extraña, nos levantamos todos bien temprano y sin pelear con nadie.  Nos arreglamos tranquilamente y salimos sin correr como siempre nos sucede los domingos.  Llegamos a la iglesia justo cuando empezaba el servicio y pudimos estar durante toda la alabanaza.  Generalmente llegamos cabal cuando va a empezar la predica.

Luego de la alabanza dimos nuestras ofrendas y el pastor hizo un llamado a todas las personas que no se habian inscrito todavian inscrito al Congreso.  Dijo que ya basta de excusas y que nos fueramos a inscribir aunque no tuvieramos con qué pagar; que Dios nos iba a proveer.  Y dentro de mi pensé que no seria mala idea, pero después lo pense un poco mas y ya no quise hacerlo.  El pastor luego oró por todos nosotros que queriamos ir, pero por x o y razon no podiamos.

Después de orar llegó la hora de la segunda ofrenda, la cual casi siempre se destina a proyectos especiales y en este caso la segunda ofrenda iba a ser para el retiro de pastores antes del congreso.  Me llamó mucho la atención cuando el pastor dijo que las ofrendas siempre se multiplican y habló de los dos pescados y los cinco panes que alimentaron a cinco mil personas y todavia sobraron varios canastos con comida.  Dentro de mi sentí que debia ofrendar pero sabia que no tenia mayor cosa dentro de mi cartera.  Busqué hasta el fondo y solamente encontré un quetzal (como diez centavos de dolar) y con todo el dolor de mi corazón fui a ofrendar. 

Me sentia mal, porque dentro de mi queria ofrendar diez mil veces mas de lo que tenia, pero todo lo que tenia era un quetzal.  Dentro de mi fui haciendo una oración mientras me acercaba al alfolí.  Dandole gracias a Dios por lo que tenia y diciendole que aunque solo podia ofrendar un quetzal todo mi corazon y mi ser iban junto con el (sin contar todas las lágrimas que corrian por mi cara mientras lo hacia).

Cuando iba llegando de regreso a mi lugar, el pastor hizo un llamado a cuatro personas de las que se habian parado para orar para ir al congreso.  No me pregunten como, porque todavia no estoy muy segura, pero me di la vuelta y en menos de un segundo ya estaba alli parada enfrente del pastor.  Fue bien chistoso porque de la nada aparecimos cuatro gentes como si hubieramos estado juntas desde el principio.  Yo no estaba muy segura de qué iba a suceder.  Lo unico que sabia era que yo debia estar alli.  Lo mas que paso por la mente fue que tal vez el pastor nos iba a dar una entrada de cortesia o simplemente orar por nosotros nuevamente.

Cual fue nuestra sorpresa cuando el pastor nos dijo que un hermano se le acercó y le dijo que Dios le habia tocado su corazón para invitar a cuatro personas al congreso.  ¡Increíble!  El hermano, que no nos dijo su nombre, nos compró la entrada a los cuatro.  Q400.00 por cabeza, Q1,600.00.  (USD200.00) en total.  Yo no sabia ni qué hacer.  No podia ni hablar.  Yo lloraba y lloraba.  Solo me podia agarrar la boca para no hacer demasiado escandalo porque era un remolino de emociones en mi interior.  Alegria, sorpresa, gratitud, incredulidad....

Ahora solo me queda ver si me dan permiso de faltar al trabajo el viernes para no perderme ninguna plenaria.  La verdad es que no se ni como entrarle a mi jefe para pedir permiso, pero con toda honestidad prefiero pasar el dia escuchando de Dios que disfrzandome de zombie para celebrar halloween.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Bernat Mystery CAL and other things...

I've been slowly recovering from my almost breakdown a couple of weeks ago.  It will still be a long time before I can honestly say that I'm back to normal.  I think that I've been slowly feeding on my husband's high stress levels that I'm stressing way more than I usually do and I don't think that being pregnant helps one bit.

We're making a lot of changes around the house that I hope will make things better.  I'm also hoping to be getting some time off in November to spend with my kids since today's the last day of school.

I've been spending most of my work free time absorbed in Google reader.  I have found (or rather they found me since I wasn't looking for anything in particular) plenty of interesting blogs that have make me think again about yarn and food.

Last week was great!  On Thursday I stumbled across the Bernat Mystery CAL on the Bernat Blog which reminded me of the Mystery KAL they hosted last year and of which I have all the clues but never got around starting it.

This time I decided that no matter what I was going to crochet that afghan, even if takes me forever.  Since the thing started on September 29th with clues being posted every Wednesday, by the time I found out about the CAL, Clue #4 had already been posted.

I wanted to start right away so I wouldn't be that far behind, but then I remembered that I didn't have a 6mm hook.  Only a 5.5.  I didn't want to wait to get one because by the time I was able to go the store and buy one I would've been about two more weeks behind and that was not acceptable.  I took my changes and checked my gauge with the 5.5.  Turns out that the patterns called for a gauge of 4 inches with the 6mm and I got a gauge of 3.5 with the 5.5.  It wasn't that far off.  So I started making 7 inch squares instead of the 8 inch squares called for.  In the end it will only mean that my afghan will be a tad smaller than the others, but that's OK since I'm rather small myself.

I'm using all the yarn I could find from my stash that would give me the same gauge.  That means that the afghan will be predominantly purple with some brown squares.  Since I'd sill need to buy more yarn I'm thinking about getting some reds and oranges or even some greens.  I don't know.  I just want to mix the colors as much as I can so the finished afghan would not have a girl, or boy or woman tone but can be used by anyone.

I've finished the first two clues and the first square for clue #3.  I'm loving the V stitch.  I think that I'm going at a good rate for having starting on Friday and just being able to do a couple of dc yesterday.

I don't think that I will be able to crochet that much either since I have to do the finishing touches to my kids' costumes for the End of Year Show which will be great.

Once I get some batteries in my camera I will show you some pictures of my kids and of the squares I've made.


Friday, October 1, 2010

An apology

First of all I want to start by apologizing to everyone at Ravelry who counted on me this month and that I've let down. I don't even know what to say, except that I feel truly ashamed of how things turned out.  September was truly not my month at all in so many levels.

I started the month so excited for the new assignments on the HPKCHC group.  I even had a list of possible patterns for all eight classes and in my head I was able to turn in everything.  I was appointed a First year blogger and I had all this great ideas.  But things didn't go exactly as I expected.

Things at home haven't been so great lately with my husband stressing about everything especially all the things we have to pay in a monthly basis which seems to increase each month.  Things at work haven't been all great for him since there are rumors that the company might be sold and there is a huge possibility that he will loose his job. 

When I found that I was pregnant, I waited over a week or so before telling him, because I knew he was going to stress even more from all the expenses that a new child brings.  I was so worried about his reaction that I think that was the moment when the depression started creeping up at me without me even noticing.  I am weird.  Instead of stressing, I get depressed and the world just stop making sense to me.

This made everything Ravelry related go out of my mind for a while, but not quite.  I figured I would turn in at least one project at the end for the House Cup and then send my package for Ginger for the Compassionate Yarn Artists group, stitchmarker swap, a couple of weeks ago, but it didn't turn out like that either.

I got mugged two weeks ago.  The first time I've ever been mugged!  It was scary.  The guy took my phone and I have been incommunicado ever since, since I can't get a replacement until today.  Hopefully (fingers crossed).  This only added to my ever increasing depression and the fact that I had my money counted almost to the cent and now I have to spend who knows how much for the replacement didn't help one bit.

I've been feeling so down and ashamed that I have been avoiding Ravelry for a long time now since I didn't know what to do with myself.  I want to assure Ginger and Ann that I don't know what I'm going to do but I will send my package.  It will be a small package nevertheless since I'm trying to keep the shipping cost at the minimum.  I already have everything ready but I hope I still have enough money left to send the package tomorrow after paying for the phone. If  I do, I'll go to the post office tomorrow no matter what, even if it means I have to walk under the rain to get there if I can't have my husband to take me.  (I hate not having a car anymore).  If not then I'll see if my mom can lend me some money to send it next week since my next paycheck will come until the 8th; and this has been going on for a long time now.  This is the last swap I'll participate.

To the people over at the Amigurumi Newsletter, I am so sorry.  I had planned doing a gumba but I haven't feel emotionally inclined to pick up a hook in almost a month now.  I'll try to get better soon.

I have let the depression run me over and truth be told, I sometimes find myself almost force-feeding myself just for the baby's sake.  It would be so easy just to let go and crawl in my little dark hole.  It's been so hard since I don't really have an outlet to let everything out and the feeling that nobody cares just keeps coming back every other time and this time it came too strong for me to fight it.  I haven't been feeling strong enough to fulfill my duty as a Prayer Warrior and I am truly sory for that.

I am sorry for this long post, but I figured that it was easier this way than posting the same thing on all groups.  I know I just lost my place at the Tower and people are not too happy with me just now, but this is the best I can do right now.  I can only apologize and hope that you'll forgive me.

I don't expect any special treatment, but just a little understanding and that you guys will pray for me to get out of this black spot I'm in right now.

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