Monday, October 18, 2010

Bernat Mystery CAL and other things...

I've been slowly recovering from my almost breakdown a couple of weeks ago.  It will still be a long time before I can honestly say that I'm back to normal.  I think that I've been slowly feeding on my husband's high stress levels that I'm stressing way more than I usually do and I don't think that being pregnant helps one bit.

We're making a lot of changes around the house that I hope will make things better.  I'm also hoping to be getting some time off in November to spend with my kids since today's the last day of school.

I've been spending most of my work free time absorbed in Google reader.  I have found (or rather they found me since I wasn't looking for anything in particular) plenty of interesting blogs that have make me think again about yarn and food.

Last week was great!  On Thursday I stumbled across the Bernat Mystery CAL on the Bernat Blog which reminded me of the Mystery KAL they hosted last year and of which I have all the clues but never got around starting it.

This time I decided that no matter what I was going to crochet that afghan, even if takes me forever.  Since the thing started on September 29th with clues being posted every Wednesday, by the time I found out about the CAL, Clue #4 had already been posted.

I wanted to start right away so I wouldn't be that far behind, but then I remembered that I didn't have a 6mm hook.  Only a 5.5.  I didn't want to wait to get one because by the time I was able to go the store and buy one I would've been about two more weeks behind and that was not acceptable.  I took my changes and checked my gauge with the 5.5.  Turns out that the patterns called for a gauge of 4 inches with the 6mm and I got a gauge of 3.5 with the 5.5.  It wasn't that far off.  So I started making 7 inch squares instead of the 8 inch squares called for.  In the end it will only mean that my afghan will be a tad smaller than the others, but that's OK since I'm rather small myself.

I'm using all the yarn I could find from my stash that would give me the same gauge.  That means that the afghan will be predominantly purple with some brown squares.  Since I'd sill need to buy more yarn I'm thinking about getting some reds and oranges or even some greens.  I don't know.  I just want to mix the colors as much as I can so the finished afghan would not have a girl, or boy or woman tone but can be used by anyone.

I've finished the first two clues and the first square for clue #3.  I'm loving the V stitch.  I think that I'm going at a good rate for having starting on Friday and just being able to do a couple of dc yesterday.

I don't think that I will be able to crochet that much either since I have to do the finishing touches to my kids' costumes for the End of Year Show which will be great.

Once I get some batteries in my camera I will show you some pictures of my kids and of the squares I've made.


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