Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Harry Potter Fan Fiction

I've never been a fan of fan fiction. Not at all.  Whenever I think of it I can just imangine someone ruining the originals for me or something.

This may stem from the fact that the only fac fiction I've ever read, was bad.  Terrible.  Worst than terrible.  So from that moment on I've never even considered reading another fan fiction.  So much so that if you ask me I have no idea where to find any at all.

Now, having the heart of a frustated writer myself I've been playing on the idea of writing a bit of fan fiction myself but I think that before I do, I should give others the benefit of the doubt and read some of theirs.  Otherwise how would I expect anyone to read mine right.

I haven't written anything yet.  I only have a rough draft in my head and it has been playing around in my mind for some time now and I guess it's time for it to come to life.  I won't say anything else yet.  Not until I have something more concrete and I have to make sure noone has played with this idea before too.

Off to find fan fiction that it's actually worth reading... wish me luck!!!

Harry Potter FanFiction

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