Wednesday, March 21, 2012


We all have dreams.  Whether we live to see them come true or not is another thing.  Some dreams may be bigger than others but we all have them all the same.

Sometimes following our dreams may seem like something out from a movie or a book; and half the time this is the main reason we don't do anything about them and we go all our lives wondering what would have been.

I don't know about you, but I have many dreams.  Some bigger than others but dreams all the same.  At one point or another some of these dreams felt achievable and then for some reason they were left to gather dust.  I seem to change my mind all the time and focusing on one dream seems impossible.

I always wanted to do so many things, be so many things that I ended up all confused and lost.  It is really difficult to fulfill your dreams as it is, but is even more difficult to fulfill them when you have no idea what you want.  How are you going to go anywhere if you have no idea what moves you?

I seem to finally found something inside me that I didn't know was there.  As anyone who has ever met me can tell you, I am a very picky eater and the list of things that I don't like to eat is really long.  But what I do like is sweets.  I love chocolate and everything in between.  Well, almost everything in between.

I have a thing for pastries and for a while now I have done fine by myself looking up recipes from food channels and sites and blogs and stuff.  Enrolling in free online courses and watching Youtube videos.  Once I found the joy of baking I kept my eye out for a chance to study pastry for real, with real teachers and stuff, but it was always rather expensive and I couldn't afford it and on top of that most of the courses I found required that you go to school all day every weekday, which of course I couldn't.  I have to work if I ever want to afford anything, not to mention help support my family.

This year everything changed.  A dream of mine has finally be put in motion to become a real thing. For some time now I keep receiving this newsletter from this place called Junkabal, which is a technical school for women here in Guatemala.  Anything you want to learn and I bet they have a course for it.  They have from basic cooking and chef training, to beauty school and jewelry making.  They have courses in balloon decorations and knitting and almost anything else.

The thing is that I enrolled in Pastry Chef training which is really exciting for me.  Of course I'm only starting, but I have already learned lots of things I had no idea.  Others I kinda knew but it's a different feeling when you have a professional telling you this things.

It was a gift from God when I started.  I kept playing with the idea of enrolling to the Chef training course after I finished with the Pastry course which would be 20 months.  I wasn't sure since there's that thing about not liking to eat a lot of things, but then I figured that I what better way to get over this whole eating business but to learn how to cook properly.  Then I started thinking of all the things I could do once I finished both courses and something lit up inside me.  Then I thought that waiting another four years for everything was a bit long and I am not really known for my patience.  

Turnes out that I could take the afternoon Chef class and since I was already enrolled I only had to take one Human Development and Microbusiness class so I had enough time.  Of course it meant that I had to spend all day Saturday at school from 8 AM to 5 PM.  But let me tell you something: IT'S TOTALLY WORTH IT.

I may be just starting, but there I often find myslef wishing tomorrow would be Saturday so that I can go to school.  It's been a long, long, long time since I felt like this.  It makes me feel so good that I feel I'm going to explode with happiness sometimes.  I think that one of the most exciting things is that we get to wear chef's uniforms and all.  I'll receive mine this Saturday and when I do, you bet I'm posting a picture of me in my uniform imagining that I'm about to go on on Top Chef or Chopped.

Until next time,

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