Thursday, March 7, 2013

Celtic Knot

Ok, so I've been a little obsessed with Pinterest  lately.  It's just full of cool stuff and it makes it so easier to kep track of things I would like to try.

This time I found this gorgeous Celtic Knot Bracelet step by step that I totally had to try:


Since I was only trying it out, I just did a small sample of it to try to get a better feeling on the knot.  I did it all, then undo it and did it again several times until I was able to make all the knots the same size without much readjustments.

One thing I did do that was not on the step by step was tying a knot to the ends of my strands:

This made it easier to go through all the loops and not get "too" tangled.  I am totally going to try this again.  I'll try to adapt it to become a watch band.

Let's see how it goes.

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