Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Pintester Movement

So it took me forever to finally decide which pin I would do for the Pintester Movement; and I mean forever.

I wanted something that didn't require any special skills and or special ingredients or supplies.  As usual, I'm completely broke and couldn't afford to buy anything at all so it had to be something I could do with whatever I already had at home which wasn't as much.

I didn't want to cook anything because that meant having one (or all) of the kids on top of me trying to it themselves and I always freak out a bit whenever the kids are in the kitchen while anything is turned on, hot and may be within reach.  You know, safety first.

I wanted something that was challenging but also doable and did not require more than one afternoon.  All crafts were out of the question because that is another thing I like doing while the kids are up since I'm a bit of a control freak when it comes to my crafting and hate answering a gazillion questions that don't let me concentrate on the task at hand and I always end up super frustrated that the thing I'm doing doesn't match what I have in my head in the least.

So it came down to nails or hair.  This is because I'm a klutz when it comes to doing either and whenever I do my nails my left hand ends up beautiful while my right hand looks like crap.  ALWAYS!  No matter how careful I am, I always end up with at least two nails ruined on my right hand because apparently I can't leave my hands still long enough for the polish to dry completely before I have to do something else like preparing a baby bottle, or having to find something at the bottom of my purse.

So in the end I settle for this:

I have short hair and I'm short so it was definitely meant for me, right?  So here's me before I started trying to remember how to braid:

Look at me! All excited!!! It's not every day that I post my face anywhere hahahaha....

So the first thing was to do some curls with the curling iron which I haven't used in ages!!!

Do you see any curls?  Because I looked and looked and looked for them but none decided to appear.  I think I wasn't doing it right, but frankly curling irons frighten me a bit.  I didn't want to end up with a chunk of burned hair in my hand like that chick from that video...

Anyway, I decided to proceed and with the help of my lovely assistant:

I went on, but no such luck:

Nope, does not look anything like the picture at all:

Any suggestions??

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