Friday, February 14, 2014

To my husband on this Valentine's day

Is there a time when you feel whole?

Is there a time when you’re finally complete?

Is there a place to find the missing piece?

I know it’s out there, somewhere


I look at myself and know

Something is not quite right

It’s not apparent

It’s not obvious

It’s not superficial

But something is missing


There is a hole in me

That no one can see

There is a hole in me

That only I can feel


For a long time I thought

I was never meant to be whole

For a long time I felt

An emptiness inside

For a long time I thought

I would drown by myself

In the void within my heart

That had frozen me inside out


Nobody could ever know

The real me behind the mask

I created to hide

The pain I felt inside


And one day you came along

Lighting the night like a flame

To help me warm

By cold, cold hands

To help me thaw and mend

My frozen broken heart

With your kind wise words

With your eyes full of love


I couldn’t see it for awhile

And for this I have to apologize

I was accustomed to pain

And love felt so strange


I was so scared

To allow anyone inside

I didn’t want you to see

What I had hidden

I didn’t what you to know

That I wasn’t whole

That I was falling into pieces

And only the ice within me

Held it all together


I tried to push you away

As hard as I could

But no matter what I said

No matter what I did

You were always there for me

Holding my hand and loving me


Until one day I finally felt

The ice had melted

A long time ago

The thing that I was missing

That would make me whole

Had come into my life

And I didn’t notice at all


What I once thought

I would never reach

Was finally within my grasp


I need only to stretch my hand

Turn around

Look up

Look down

And it would be there

All around me

Embracing me

Keeping me warm


And I felt the void shrinking

Being filled


By what I thought was impossible


Not only did you taught me

What it’s like to be loved

What it’s like to love you

You taught me to love myself

And let you love me the way you do


Now I feel unstoppable

With you by my side

And me by yours

And together we walk

Through this patched road called life

Helping each other along the way


If you fall

I’d help you get back up

And if I fall I know

You will catch me

Before I hit the ground

And keep me in your arms

Until I’m well enough

To stand on my own

I when you hold me so

I never want to let you go


Isn’t it transparent?

Isn’t it obvious?

It’s now floating in the surface

Even if no one else can see it

Even if no one else can feel it

You are that what I was missing

You are that which completes me

Your are my one

My prince charming

My savior

My knight


I love you my darling

And I forever will

Until the day comes

When we are no longer on Earth

But dancing among Angels

And then,

I will love you after that, as well

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