Friday, May 30, 2014

The Jean Bag Project - Day 1 The Scavenger Hunt

So I was browsing Pinterest the other day, and came across this upcycled jean bag which really caught my eye:

It looks so cute and I wondered if I could ever pull it off given that I don't have that much experience with the sewing machine.  I don't think I yet qualify as a beginner even.

Anyway, I remembered that I have these jeans that I don't wear anymore because they have a hole in the backside that makes me feel like my butt is about to fall off:

I inserted an orange sock inside so the hole was easy to see.

Other than the hole, I think they are perfect for this project.  So I made up my mind and decided that this will be my next project.  My actual first "big" project.  Although nowadays with three kids at home whatever project I come up with is now considered "big".

Anyway, I knew I wanted something a bit different than what I was seeing in the picture.  Similar, but different.  I wanted it to have an adjustable strap so that I can wear it on one shoulder like a regular bag or over the shoulder like a messenger bag.  I also wanted a zippered closure since I figured it would be harder for pickpockets on the metro to take things out of it when I ride home. 

The link on Pinterest leads to some sort of tutorial, but it doesn't really explain the process in detail.  It just says, "well I cut up here and sew there" and that's that.  So I went looking for more explanation on how to do it properly or at least to get some inspiration on how to do it my own way.  After a lot of research and a couple of videos that I know won't work for me, I think I have come up with the perfect combination of tutorials to achieve what I want.

Before I share the videos that will help me with this project, I needed to know that I have all the supplies I need at home, so last night was scavenger's night at the Herring's.  Money is tight so I had to figure out a way to purchase the least amount of materials.  I have my Jeans and my sewing machine.  I had some leftover fabric that I used to line one of my crocheted bags in the past which would be perfect.  I just needed the zippers (because I want a zippered inner pocket as well) and the buckles for the strap.

After a lot of rummaging around the house and the never failing allergy to dust; not to mentioned my Grandmother who left a lot of sewing supplies (including the machine); here's what I found:

I found this pink purse that I never use anymore.  It was actually at the bottom of the closet along with the baby carrier, just waiting to be found and recycled.  It had a lot of zippers and it was perfect.  The pink zippers combine really well with the fabric I have.  It took me forever, but I was finally able to salvage all six zippers and a couple of mini belt buckles that were holding the strap of the purse.  From the baby carrier I managed to take out the buckles that will help me with the adjustable strap.

My biggest concern was actually finding a zipper large enough to fit the top of the jeans, and I hit the jackpot because not only is it larger, but it has two zipper pulls which I found extremely cute

Thanks to my grandma I don't think I need anything else.  I will start tonight by cutting up the jeans and the fabric.  I'll come bearing pictures of the progress in the next couple of days.


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