Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Jean Bag Project day 2: Let the cutting begin

Hi guys,

As you know, one day in mommy crafting time is actually like three days of regular crafting time, or at least it is for me.  It's more about worrying about safety than anything else.

I cut the pants on Friday, but it wasn't until Sunday that I actually had a little more time to work on the project and actually make some progress.  I got my machine and settled on my mother's laundry room which was out of the way of everyone but still close enough to hear if my children called, which they did quite a few times by the way.  My mom asked why did a chose a place so "secluded", and I was like: "Because I can close the door and go do other things (like looking after my kids) without fear of the other kids coming here and getting hurt with the pins and stuff".  There are always children running around my mother's house on Sundays, and this Sunday in particular there were more kids than usual.  There my own three, two from my sister Paula and two and half from my cousin Ale (I say "half" because he's about six months old).  

As I mentioned before, I am taking steps from different tutorials to work on this bag.

The first one is from Izzy MEIMsaab which you can watch here.  I'm not posting the entire video, because the only part that interested me was how she cut the jeans.  At least for now.  From here I got how to cut the legs and sew shut the openings from the crutch area.  

Now since the back is larger than the front the side seams will not match the bottom seam for when you are boxing the bottom of the bag.  There is no seam in the real side of the bag which makes this step rather difficult.  I kept thinking about this, and my solution was to mark the real side with a pen so and with a pin I match the bottom seam to the line I drew and then measure to have my boxed side. I should have taken a picture of this, but I got a bit carried away and by the time I thought about it, we were already heading back home.

Anyway, here's the main body of the bag:

I also cut the inside pocket and sew the zipper.  Yay me!  My first ever zipper, and it wasn't so bad.  Granted it would've been easier had I been able to put the zipper foot, but I couldn't.  I think it was because the foot was for the other machine my grandma had which did not come to me.  But I was still able to sew it using the regular foot.  I also have to add that I also used a universal needle and not any special type of needle used for sewing Jeans.  I figured I'd give it a try because my jeans were not to heavy and if the needle broke, then I would make the effort to go get me some specialty needles.

Anyhow, I made the pocket using instructions from Debbie Shore.  You can watch the whole video here.  She was doing an outside pocket, but I figured I could use the same instructions to make an inside pocket. 

Here's what I ended up with:

I also cut and sew the handle using instructions from this blog post from Bloom.  Since I wanted an adjustable handle, I cut two pieces of jeans and two from the lining fabric that when put together using the "Faux pipe" method would fit into a 1" buckle.  The thing is that is taking me forever to actually turn the piece right side, but I'm getting there.

There's no quitting in sewing clug... hahahahaha

Anyway,  I also cut two pieces for the lining and the pieces to join the zipper and close the bag.  I know there is a name for it, but I can't think about it now.

Let me know if you've done a project like this, or what is your favorite material to recycle.


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